I'm Letosexual! =DD

4. srpna 2012 v 20:15 | Adelas.
Dnaska na FB (v jedné skupině) jsem narazila na to že Letoexualita Existuje..:DD
Teda... Na netu to je.

↓↓↓Moje Práce↓↓↓

"A sexual orientation in which you are only attracted to Jared Leto and/or Shannon Leto (of 30 Seconds To Mars). You may find that the other men you try to pursue just simply do not compare to the sexiness and sheer talent of the Leto brothers, so you give up on guys.

Becoming Letosexual may cause the delusion of actually thinking you and a Leto are meant to be together. But this thought is more comforting and less painful than actually being in a relationship with someone who will eventually break your heart in the end.
Mom: Why don't you go out and find yourself a nice boyfriend. honey?
You: I can't, mom. I'm Letosexual." (tady)

*Mimochodem... Kecám..:D Samozdřejmně zůstávám u heterosexuality. :D


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